My old California pal Jim Wolpman has, as promised, posted a very substantial entry on Wikipedia about the Midpeninsula Free University of Palo Alto, a 1960s institution of Higher learning of which I was, for a time, the Department of Creative Writing. The Free University published a thoroughly liberated and altogether wondrous magazine called, inevitably, the Free You. Gurney Norman and I were among the four editors, and the contributors included Ken Kesey, Wendell Berry, Richard Brautigan, James Baker Hall, Robert Stone, and anybody else of consequence we could rope in.

Jim Wolpman's Wikipedia entry incorporates links to the complete Free You file, as well as links to many other relevant materials, and is a genuinely important, definitive, exhaustive--and fascinating--contribution to the cultural history of the Sixties. Just go to Wikipedia and search for Midpeninsula Free University, and you're there.

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